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Principal's Message

Success comes to those,who work hard and stays with those,who don't peach on the laurels of the past.And we have been a standing exemplar for accomplishing success and confirming it.we have been implemental in shaping successfull futures of many futures nationals of the country.in the process of this journey,we have set standards,initiated trends and reached new milestones,successfully.we are adam's institution of physical education and management studies i.e. " Rukmani Mahavidyalaya " .the first NRC-NCTE appoved institution of physical education in M.J.P Rohilkhand University which was established on 2006 as per demand of tghe public and the modern insitution of management studies was established on 2010,both the insitutions are affiliated to M.J.P. Rohikhand University ,Bareilly(U.P) institution apply advanced methods of instructing in playground/class room situation having major emphasis on interaction between teacher and student which is the main objective of popular pattern of precept.This aiso supports the saying that teaching is such as process where student and teachers play equaterole.Teachers also fix up test form time to time.with this process the accomplishment level of student is assessed. During teaching in playground/class room . A teacher uses dissimilar method acting of teaching.for example Explanation,demonstration,illustrating with examples,verbal description, analytic thinking and synthesis,deducible and inductive heuristic rule etc.Teachers also assume such methods which raise the thinking action of the students like brain forcing,sensitive training programmer ,tutorial , seminar team teaching ,simulated position training etc..Really,such methods changes pupil to prepare themselves to confront any challenge in thier life. here one more method in our classes is especially exercised where student are given troubles and asked to present its results . it is called problem solving method. this method enables student to be good leader in all pesos of life which is one of the main accusative of dermocrac. students are also prepared to take enterprise in many healthy practices within institutional networks and many times out of the institutions Doubtless,a college is the temple of teaching, learning and research .in this process not only instructors but student and other appendages of the college family also play a crucial role. Any institution is like some laboratory for a teacher who desings and practics on different aims,especially on teaching and learning. in our college teachers have acquired new techniquies for sports and practiced them repeatedly for the all- round development of the students. Teachers while instructing,try to know the difficulties of student and in course of further instructing,they try thier best to eliminate them,if any. we also adopt the shaping and summational evaluation of youth operation,a teacher tries to give prompt feedback to student for improvement.this uninterrupted phase proves that teaching,learning and evaluation are interrelated and,completing to each other in the advanced competitive,almost in every walk of life in the field of education and industrial management. we at Rukmani Mahavidyalaya are committed to impart quality education to meet up the demand of the day. the thrust is upon quality and perfection. A well designed and well planned project requires a dedicated team for its execution who can lead the fields of physical education and management. we have very highly competent and result oriented team of teaching/training. We are in Rukmani Mahavidyalaya are nurturing and chiseling the skills of our student of different wings of education and management studies,to accept the chellenges of present scenario in different field of life.our dedicated and experienced faculty members are laeving no stone unturned for achieving this goal in their fields. True education aims at attracting best of the body ,mind and spirit.this exactly is our endeavor at Rukmani Mahavidyalaya. i am very much thankful to Dr. kamal singh malik , chairman without whose encuoragement and attempts,the college would not have seen the light of the day. i am sure that our students will prove their worthiness by their achievements in the year to come.i wish all the best and good luck to you all for exalted success.

(Dr.Mohmad Ahsan)