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Vice Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to invite you in "Rukmani mahavidyalaya"to enjoy the donnish excellence & development of your creativeness and consciousness.A career in sports and management blankets areas like participants or employee as professionals ,arbitrators,coaches physical education & executives.Government's policy of sports advancement provides chances of employment in government and public sector undertakings and teaching institutions. the institution endeavors to equip the younker & filles with the most splendid academic proficiency so that he/she may tasks is to stimulate the student to practice their intelligence throught the kinetics of self learning and understanding and guide them to succeed and surpass.it is not the collection of prizes but the formation of character,national and personal which are the calling needs of day.we address ourselves to the task of adding,developing abd promoting the true sporting spirit,a fit and healthy body and mind.I invite youth,who will share our vision to encourage the goals and intention to join hands in our efforts to build a new cell of technocrats,who will quicken the growth in the physical succeeding.come!Lets us build a favourable new world together.May your generation transform this world into a prosperour and passive place. Anuradha malik

(Anuradha Malik)