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Dr. kamal singh malik Rukmani Mahavidyalaya started with the sole purpose to develop fantabulous fight simulator in physical Education and Management througt the course "B.P.Ed,B.B.A.&B,C,A The traainees are our future resource someone' s trained to be fully familiar with the art of teaching and motivting to fulfill the general objectives of reaching the highest goal . Our college is aspired at "making man uot of every student attempting admission in our institution " continues to challenge us as it an ageless process .have a few words of advice especially for the pupils. Be like the pearl hunter.most of us rush aimlessly without any plan.dashing carelessy along the roads of life, we fail to actualize the purpose of air travel.we seldom notice that if we are on the path that leads n have nowhere,certainly we reach nowhere. Every booming man must have behind him lucidity of thought and action enormous sincerity and that is a case of success in life. I resolve by citing swami vivekananda who says "karma determines what we deserve.swe are responsible for that we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be,we have the power to make ourselves.it is what we are now has been the result of our past actoion,it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in the future can be know how to act." I give all my appovals to the faculty,staff members and students of the college and wish them luck for winner in their life. Dr. kamal singh malik

(Dr. kamal singh malik )