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Class Rooms

Well furnished spacious classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are well equipped with teaching aids such as LCD and OHP for lectures, presentations etc. As a result, the interactive sessions of teaching adds confidence and zeal amongst our students. The class rooms are built up in an area of approximately 45x40 thereby accommodating 60 students at a time.


The library at Rukmani Mahavidyalaya is more like integrated Knowledge Resource Centre that consists of more than 3,000 volumes of text and reference books. It has been designed with lot of care, paying adequate attention to the needs of both faculty and students. Our specialized staff is always there to help the students with quick references. The Library subscribes to 30 national & international Journals / Magazines specific to the academic and research needs of the Rukmani Mahavidyalaya community. Being air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled, the library at Rukmani Mahavidyalaya serves to be an essential prerequisite for successful implementation of higher educational programmes. Within a span of year’s time, plans are being made to convert it into a digital library having fibre optic backbone.

Computer Lab

Rukmani Mahavidyalaya campus has state-of-the-art computer centre that provides computing facilities comprising of the latest machines linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. It has more than 30 computers connected to Novel Network LAN. With highly qualified IT faculty team it caters to the academic needs of the budding professionals aspiring for careers in the industry. The computer lab at Rukmani Mahavidyalaya is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students to apply the theoretical concepts learnt in the classrooms. In addition, the latest version of personal computer/ Laptop has been made available for each student.

Hostel facility

“Home away from home”: The School provides hostel accommodation consisting of boarding and lodging,separately both for boys and girls. Students are required to pay for availing these facilities according to established institutional norms.

Canteen & Cafeteria

This is one area of the campus which never seems to be deserted. A popular hang out for the students, the food court offers a wide choice of items to cater to the student's tastes. Hygienic, nutritive, and a well laid - out cafeteria exists in the School premises for ready service to the staffs, students and faculty.

The Cafeteria has a menu that ensures a well- balanced, nutritious and wholesome diet. Serving a variety of choices for the students, it has been designed to provide a relaxed environment.

Medical Facilities

To ensure your well being, Rukmani Mahavidyalaya campus has tie ups with a group of hospitals to take care of any emergency. Medical services are provided round the clock at the campus along with an ambulance which is always at service in case of emergency.

Wi-fi Enabled

We have wi-fi campus by which our student can download each & every information related with there course curriculum, career & social as well as corporate knowledge

Cab Facility

The college provides a safe transport for students and staff, with a communication system and supervised pick up and dispersal.